What we do

Terranovate helps its clients grow by providing exceptional talent when it is needed to make a real impact on measurable value.

Specifically, our services include:


Information technology strategy and governance – assisting clients to identify opportunities in which technology can support their drive for innovation and the development of corresponding governance frameworks.

red_personBusiness technology delivery – delivering the hard-to-find deep level of technical expertise required to deliver up-to-the-minute business systems solutions.


Change management – assisting clients navigating their journeys of change with minimum risk and cost.

red_person Project and program management – the establishment and delivery of highly evolved project management methodologies and disciplines to ensure on-plan performance.

red_person Niche technology delivery – the identification of the specialist technology skills required in key areas to minimise the risks associated with innovation.

red_personMarket strategy development – enabling clients to achieve a leading strategic position, with specific regard to evolving markets and technologies. This delivery includes market assessment, the identification and introduction of joint venture partners, the development of market entry strategies and the establishment of channel programs, and is particularly focused on clients who leverage information technology.